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Journal of Intergenerational Relationships The Journal of Intergenerational Relationships (JIR) is the forum for scholars, practitioners, policy makers, educators, and advocates to stay abreast of the latest intergenerational research, practice methods and policy initiatives. This is the only journal focusing on the intergenerational field integrating practical, theoretical, empirical, familial, and policy perspectives.

JIR publishes papers and articles whose content addresses intergenerational relationships evidenced in intergenerational practice, policy and research.

Typically the intergenerational relationships that are the focus of JIR papers and articles reflect ongoing interaction among multiple or skipped generations with a generation representing approximately 20 years. Intergenerational relationships occur in familial and non familial settings and involve interaction that demonstrates positive and negative interactions.


Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Examples of intergenerational relationships in contiguous generations may be considered when they are particularly innovative and outstanding approaches to intergenerational practice, policy and research.

This peer-reviewed journal offers:

      international perspectives on current issues
      a balance of evaluation, research, policy and practice based articles
      book and media reviews
      forum discussions on issues of intergenerational interest
      program profiles, short descriptions of innovative programs

It encompasses a variety of disciplines: social work, family studies, community development, health, psychology, anthropology, sociology, gerontology, child development, education, political science, social policy, communications, and more!

We strongly encourage your submissions to journal. We also remind people to conform to the manuscript style (APA) and length (approx. 5000 words) guidelines for scholarly papers.