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Journal of Intergenerational Relationships The Journal of Intergenerational Relationships publishes original papers that highlight research, program development, policy, and intergenerational cultural exemplars. Scholarly papers must make a significant contribution to the literature and, where possible, represent cultural, ethnic, and geographic diversity. Scholarly papers may reflect controversial social issues or positions without suggesting endorsement by Taylor and Francis, the editorial board, or its reviewers.

Research papers should reflect appropriate ethical considerations and demonstrate sensitivity to the needs, values, and outcomes for all participants. Research papers should utilize valid, reliable, and appropriate methods of inquiry such as empirical research, naturalistic research, or observational studies.

Practice papers should include a background, rationale, project description, and lessons learned from the practice model. Cultural and replication implications are recommended.

Policy papers should include policy and social issues addressed, values & cultural assumptions underlying the paper, and implications for practice and inquiry.

Advancing the field papers reflect theoretical, social, educational, and cultural factors that can influence the develpment of the intergenerational field. Theoretical papers should address a specific content focus in the intergenerational field and/or provide broad integration of important themes.

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