Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

Affiliated Programs

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On-Line Course

"Introduction to Intergenerational Programs"

This course is an on-line, interactive experience based on the 13-year success of Generations Together Intergenerational Training Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. The course is designed to help you develop skills needed for success in the intergenerational field. Students read course materials, do on-line assignments, discuss the content with fellow students and instructors, and follow step-by-step procedures to complete the individual units.   more...

Intergenerational On-line Course Flyer


"Intergenerational Specialist Certificate"

The Intergenerational Specialist Certificate is offered as a 100-hour certificate for those seeking to learn and lead intergenerational programming in a range of community and organizational settings. This training initiative continues a long-standing collaboration between Generations Together and the School of Social Work to enhance professional development and applied work in this field.   more...

Intergenerational Specialist Certificate